Our Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI/ML) solutions use device data to assess customer And Leverage Your businesses

The insights provided by Devizer with it's Device score can help more efficient processes, boost productivity and minimize costs.


We have our own hub and innovation centre for developing technology solutions:

Expertise in designing, developing, and deploying high quality solutions based on AI

Rich experience in machine learning algoritms

Large pool of in-house technical resources, having experience and expertise in implementation AI into Device based scoring models

Devizer Device Based Score

Our tool collects insights about the client through associated to him devices

These insights are displayed with Devizer scoring

  • grade-icon Device complectation
  • grade-icon Device cost
  • grade-icon Device software data
device image
  • grade-icon Device history
  • grade-icon Device usage
  • grade-icon Device fraud alerts

Over 200 non-sensitive predictors used

Features list example

Device complectation

  • device model
  • device CPU
  • device video adapter
  • device motherboard
  • device RAM size

Device cost

  • model cost
  • CPU cost
  • video adapter cost
  • motherboard cost
  • router cost

Device software data

  • device browser version
  • device os version
  • device local currency
  • device local language
  • device local network

Device history

  • owners behaviour history
  • device popularity level
  • device requests history
  • device price trend
  • device confidence level

Device usage

  • device first seen
  • device activity
  • device battary condition
  • device touchscreen usage
  • device activity time

Device fraud alerts

  • bot detected
  • incognito status detected
  • automation toolkit detected
  • simulator detected
  • jail root detected